Chartis Research is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology.

Our goal

Our goal is to support companies as they drive business performance through improved risk management, corporate governance and compliance. We also help clients make informed technology and business decisions by providing in-depth analysis and advice on virtually all aspects of risk technology.

Chartis is focused solely on risk and compliance technology, giving us a significant advantage over other market analysts. Our analysts and advisors have decades of hands-on experience of implementing and developing risk management systems and programs for Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting houses.

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How we help

A the heart of our research are our reports, delivering authoritative insight to our clients and the wider market.

Subcription Reports

Chartis’ RiskTech and FinTech quadrants provide a reliable, independent assessment of the vendor landscape in the key areas of risk technology.

Demand and supply-side analyses

Short dedicated reports providing focused analysis of demand and supply-side dynamics.

Research modules

Extra reports offering fresh perspectives and analysis in specific areas of our research.

Benchmarks and rankings

Our Global Risk IT Expenditure reports identifies the key trends shaping IT Expenditure around the world.

Free content

A unique benchmark ranking the top 100 players in the global risk technology space.

Research that takes a detailed and counter-intuitive look at established and new areas of interest.Chartis Big Bets

Pinpoint the themes and dynamics shaping the risk technology marketplace in the year ahead.

Detailed insight into specific technology vendors and their capabilities.

Timely and focused, offering our analysts’ unique perspectives on risk technology and our research.

Quarterly Market Intelligence

A quarterly round-up of everything that’s important in risk technology.

What we cover

Financial risk and evaluation

In this research stream we analyze the technologies, methodologies, processes and procedures involved in assessing and measuring risk in financial institutions and the wider financial industry, covering the following areas:

  • Credit risk
  • Market risk
  • Asset and liability management (ALM) and liquidity risk
  • Balance sheet management
  • Collateral management

Operational risk and governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Our detailed research analyzes the overarching enterprise GRC environment, identifying important trends and technological developments in the key GRC areas:

  • GRC analytics
  • Model governance and validation
  • Third-party risk management
  • IT risk
  • Conduct risk
  • Operational risk
  • Internal audit


Data and analytics are replacing manual work in many FIs’ middle- and back-office functions, while vendors now provide a variety of ‘OpsTech’ tools to address a new breed of organizational systems and processes. In this growing area of research we examine:

  • Automation
  • Decoupled architecture
  • ‘Componentization’
  • Repackaged solutions
  • Managed services
  • Risk business intelligence


Chartis examines how new technologies and leading practices are applied across a range of key sectors, and the industry and regulatory issues and drivers dominating various market areas, including:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Capital markets
  • Sell-side
  • Buy-side
  • Hedge funds
  • The front office
  • Energy and commodity trading
  • Retail

Financial crime

Recognizing that many areas of financial crime also increasingly overlap with each other and other areas of the business, our analysis of risk and financial crime – second to none in the industry – examines trends and developments in the following:

  • Cyber crime and cybersecurity
  • Cyber risk management and quantification
  • Account- and payments-based fraud
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Client lifecycle management
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Trade surveillance/transaction monitoring
  • Watchlist monitoring

Regulatory compliance and reporting

Complying with regulation is a fact of life for financial institutions, but getting it right can be costly and complex. We examine the impacts of regulation on risk technology usage and markets, and the tools and techniques needed to ensure effective compliance and added operational value. This research covers:

  • Regulatory requirements including Basel 2 and 3, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, FRTB and GDPR
  • Risk-aware accounting (the introduction of IFRS and CECL standards)
  • Stress testing
  • Calculating the cost of compliance


As risk management continues to disperse throughout the organization, being on top of data – its quality, integrity and timeliness – is vital. As data management in particular comes of age, we consider the detail in the data, analyzing the following key areas:

  • Data infrastructure and databases: performance, scalability and security
  • Data governance
  • Data quality
  • Data integrity and control
  • Data integration
  • Alt-data
  • Ease of data access
  • Data delivery methods
  • Risk data aggregation


The risk technology market is constantly evolving, driven by shifting customer needs and the emergence of new technologies. To help you navigate this changing landscape, Chartis covers all the key technology blocks you need to know about, including:

  • Statistical models
  • AI and advanced analytics
  • Risk analytics (non-linear calculations, predictive modeling, simulations, scenario analysis, etc.)
  • Computational power
  • Analytical performance
  • Cloud and Risk as a Service
  • Open source
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain

What people say

Chartis’ sector specific and in-depth analysis ensures we are up to date with the latest industry and technology developments while helping to inform our own strategic business decision making.


The partnership with Chartis is greatly valued as it enables BAE Systems to gain a deeper and independent view of the Financial Services and Risk Management markets. The analysts’ expertise, insight and research helps support our product focus and investment, along with highlighting future trends and opportunities.

Caroline Dennington, Strategy Analyst / Influencer Relations, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

‘Chartis’ in-depth research on financial crime is perhaps the most comprehensive profile of a critical industry space. Chartis has led financial crime research for years, offering a unique perspective and continually relevant expertise.’

Head of Strategy, global FinTech company

The European Risk Management Council has been very fortunate to cooperate with Chartis in the last several years. Chartis’ thought leadership and strategic vision in risk technology help to drive the agenda of our FinTech think-tank. The Council’s members benefit immensely from having Chartis in the driving seat of this industry forum, and we appreciate Chartis’ intellectual input and deep expertise in RiskTech, RegTech and other Fintech areas.

Evgueni Ivantsov, ERMC


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